LORENZIN S.r.l offers a complete, modern service which includes custom design and consultation to determine the most suitable process for a specific material. High precision machinery and a highly specialised staff enable us to fully meet all customer requirements.


Today our laser cutting department boasts three systems. The decision to introduce this type of technology into our company, now commonly used in the sheet metal processing industry, was made way back in 1989: in fact, our first laser system was the second installation in the entire Province of Vicenza.
Laser cutting is the strong point of our production as it is precisely this process that guarantees a high quality semi-finished product.


The CNC punching machine was the first hi-tech machine purchased by our company (way back in 1986), and it was undoubtedly this machine that enabled us to move up a gear in the development of our production facilities. This was the start of an ongoing implementation program for automated production processes.
Today, punching is a secondary, supporting activity for our company rather than a manufacturing strategy. However, it still remains an irreplaceable process for some products and even indispensable for the many processes that we refer to as “combined activities” where it is used together with the laser systems.


For us shearing is not merely a cutting process, but rather a fundamental part of a production process that focuses on the quality of a product as its main objective.


Our fleet of bending machines consists solely of CNC machines that enable us to produce, with precision and at low costs, pieces with the simplest to the most complex geometries.


The work of our welding department has always been the distinguishing feature of our end product: all the processes required to produce the parts are aimed at streamlining and facilitating the activity of this department, that is, assembly of the various components.
In this stage the product takes on its final appearance, which is determined not only by the machinery and processes implemented to produce it, but above all by the welders whose task it is to achieve the best possible finish on it.

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