From 1968 to today, almost fifty years of experience in the sheet metal processing industry – from CNC laser cutting to CNC punching, from CNC shearing to CNC bending, and manual assembling, spot welding and welding – this is the best guarantee that our company can offer.

Workshop LORENZIN S.r.l. in 1968

LORENZIN S.r.l. is the brainchild of our father Cav. Umberto, the quintessential entrepreneur from North-Eastern Italy. As we, his three sons, joined the company we expanded and upgraded the technological equipment to the extent that LORENZIN S.r.l. now boasts a fleet of modern high precision specific machinery, capable of producing semi-finished iron, stainless steel and aluminium products. Over the years our customers have become more and more demanding yet we continue to provide quality products manufactured with maximum precision, fast execution and at low cost even for small runs and prototypes.

Our highly specialised engineering department offers a complete service based on experience and professionalism providing customers with all the assistance required to develop, produce and industrialise a project.
Our fleet of front-line machinery and systems automatically control the material processing cycles to ensure fast turnaround times and a high quality end product.
Our most valuable asset, however, is our in-house team of highly specialised and loyal professionals. They are the backbone of our company – we firmly believe that quality people make the difference.

LORENZIN S.r.l. is known throughout Italy and Europe for its professionalism and experience: in fact, our portfolio of customers boasts top names in both the Italian and European industrial scene. These professionals appreciate our company for its organization and efficiency, the result of continuous technological and personnel development, but above all, of the leadership of the owners who have had the farsightedness to invest in innovation and professionalism.

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